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5/8/24 UPDATE
Flynn was denied more than 10 times the delegate list for the upcoming convention.  So Ben Proto's DEI plan of inclusion is a farse.

I was given a list of placement holder names and have spent hours and days trying to get emails and Phone numbers to the DELEGATES.   We called HOST Erin Stewart 5 times with no call back?  She advertised a 5/2 meeting that was held on 5/7/24 and then she took the site down.

Many of the delegates were merely placement holders and have no intention of sharing any information about any delegates. 

I implore Delegates to read the appellate Brief of the TONG Ac46604 heard on 3/4/24 where we proved Ct's Votes were counted in Spain, using Leonardo SPA /Vatican Satellite.   There is an IRAN server and Hamberg CIA server attached. 
Tell me Why A Chinese guy bought Dominion in 2020 and Staple Street Capital was sold 6 times since then. tell me why The CVR is destroyed along with the memory cards.  Why did 39 towns take Zuckerberg bribes and all the towns denied the federal subpoenas? Is CT covering up[ TREASON? 22cv01065 Flynn vs Proto. 
FST Cv 22 5027404-s 

What does Fred Wilms know?  What does Doug Hempstead Know?



John is fighting to restore our fundamental rights under the Constitution in the Constitution State. Your contribution supports the 2022/24 campaign to elect John to the US Senate as an Independent/Registered Republican. Any dollar amount is a big help.
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Woman exposes curruption
Norwalk Stole $3.5 Millon Dollar Home
How CT Violated The Hatch Act & HAVA

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Latest News & Updates from John Flynn for U.S. Senate

JULY 2023

John Flynn can — and does— work across the political aisle when it is ethical to do so. 

The following is a list of my top priorities for Connecticut: I could tell you I want to restrict the number of television adds or regulate the price of INK. 


Let's Improve Connecticut's Economy

  • I will defend retirement savings. We need Private Placement reform.

  • I will review the bailout policies for Sanctuary Cities

  • I will investigate stone crushing/ the k-containership inducrey and the #1 Al Quaed risk to America HFA oil refineries. 

  • I will work to re-write rigid income tax installment contracts for businesses.

  • I object to additional taxes during a pandemic or otherwise, along with CT transit tolls. 

  • I believe the recent stimulus package was a loan; therefore, the mil rates should have been dropped.

We Need to Reform Connecticut's Judicial & Legislative Branches  

  • All parties must be allowed to weigh in on the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act.

  • I will defend our elections from  the threats of foreign and domestic influence.

  • I will introduce term limits for Senators.

  • Make legal enforcement accountable.

I Believe in Immigration that Enforces both Federal & State Laws 

  • I will work to create a legal path to citizenship.

My Foreign Relations Priority: Secure Borders 

  • We need to reform our policies in Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, & Haiti — and put our focus on China.

  • I believe in securing Christian values as a pro-Israel ally.

  • I will work to keep war far from our shores.

  • I will work to prevent further imports of Fentanyl.

I Believe in Affordable Healthcare that Doesn't Impose on Personal Freedom

  • Pandemic solutions with Finansurance. 

  • I am an advocate’s advocate for the disabled and veterans.

  • I promise to work toward solutions in Medicare and Medicaid. 

  • I support Christian family values and Constitutional protections regarding healthcare choices.

  • I believe we need to reassess prescription drug costs.


  A) There are things we do right now that are incredibly important before US Senator Murphy gets us all killed.     The 48 US Oil and Gas refineries in the USA are the number #1 Al Qaeda target, I can easily fix that. 


B) The Second biggest risk to America is the k-Containership industry that US Senator Richard Blumenthal is profiting from.  


The Risks are great.  Blumenthal and Murphy are Tied to the hip up Burisma and Hunter Biden's Leiter/ ML Strategies taking Telecommunications bribes everywhere. 


C) The third biggest risk is vaccines; the fourth is 5G. 


Backing anyone else in CT would be foolish.  No one can win an election in CT that is honest unless you take down organized crime.   Scott Bates and Gabe Rosenberg are organized crime.   Produce the Cast Vote Record and either way go to jail. 


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